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How do you get started in tax sale investing?

1. Read Tax Liens Unleashed, take the online tax sale course, listen to the advice presented in the monthly newsletters and ask questions by email or phone.

2. Attend an upcoming tax sale teleseminar to learn specifics about counties that are going online with their sales.

3. Attend a live, 2-day seminar training course where you can talk to experts in the field and learn how to screen though lists.




Over the Counter OTC Tax Lien Certificates: You Can Buy Tax Deeds and Liens Through the Mail, Online, and in Person

Many tax lien investors would like to find a way to enjoy the handsome returns of liens and deeds and also reduce the amount of traveling to a minimum.

That's where investing by mail or purchasing through the State or County's OTC process comes into play.

As you may be aware, some states offer a resale process so that certificates not sold or properties can be purchased directly without attending an auction.

The process is a little different in each state and even has different names. The following terms are used by states to describe their process:

What should you know about buying over the counter tax liens and deeds? The good news is you earn the full state-mandated interest rate. In Arizona, for example, the interest rate is 16%. The process is first-come, first serve so you don't bid down the interest rate or bid up the value of the lien. The bad news is you have to search through the lists a little harder because there will be some undesirable tax lien properties.

Be patient, though. There are some gems, but don't be late. Follow along with the sales. When an annual sale is over, find out when the County will release its OTC and be ready. Do your due diligence and good luck.

Learn how to buy tax liens through the mail and online with Tax Liens Unleashed.

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