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Most Maryland Tax Lien Auctions or Sales Are in June

Maryland Tax Sale Assignments

The Director of Finance, through the Bureau of Collections, holds an auction sale in May of each year offering the public the right to purchase a tax certificate on those properties which have delinquent liens (taxes, water & sewer charges, boarding and cleaning).  Upon the completion of the tax sale, tax certificates which were not acquired are assumed by the City.  These instruments then become the responsibility of the Comptroller (Real Estate Department) for possible assignment as authorized by Ordinance 918 approved May 13, 1943.

When assigning a certificate, the City or County must collect the total liens against the property, plus interest accruing from the date of tax sale to the date of assignment.  If such assignment occurs after July 1st, the ensuing year’s real estate taxes in addition to the liens must be collected.

Tax sale certificates afford the purchaser, under certain conditions, the right to foreclose against the title owners in an effort to acquire title.

In Maryland, the interest rates vary from 10% to 24%, depending upon the County. Maryland law allows the County to select the applicable interest rate.

The redemption period in Maryland is six months to two years, again because counties have different rules

Maryland can be a good state for tax sales, mainly because the interest rate can be as high as 24 percent and the redemption period can be as short as six months, however all sales rules are set separately by each county.

You can Buy tax liens and deeds through the mail iusing the Rogue Investor Super List, Guide to purchasing OTC liens/deeds and audio teleconference.

The Rogue Tax Sale Superlist contains specific information about Maryland and how to purchase assignments.

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