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Tax Lien Sales In Arizona are conducted in February

Tax Lien Certificates of Purchase or Assignments In Arizona

Certificates of Purchase or assignments are “struck off to the state.” These parcels are called State CPs (certificates of purchase). State CPs are purchased at the Treasurer’s Office. The final date for purchasing assignments is January 31. Any remaining assignments are prepared for the tax lien sale in February. If a State CP parcel has current delinquent taxes that are scheduled for the February sale, the investor can pay the current taxes and keep it from going to the annual tax sale. The interest rate for assignments is the current maximum of 16%.

Arizona is one of the most famous tax lien states because the interest rate of 16% per year is favorable and if the property goes to foreclosure, the process of obtaining the deed to the property is straightforward.  After three years, the investor can obtain the property by applying to the court for a deed to the property.

Also, many counties have tax liens and full parcels of land for sale throughout the year.  To get a list of all parcels that are still available after the tax lien sale, listings are available as a printout or on diskette for $50 from the client services department at the Treasurer’s office.  Also called assignment purchasing, potential buyers can send a list of the parcels they want to purchase to the Treasurer’s office and a certified check/cashier’s check/wire money transfer to purchase tax liens that were not sold at auction. 

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