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Tax Lien Sales In Texas are conducted the first Tuesday of the Month

Texas Struck Off Resale Properties

Any tax deeds that are not purchased at the monthly tax deed sales are struck off to the county and available for purchase through the county. In some counties, attorneys will manage the deeds for the county, while some counties control the process themselves, but usually through a different agency than the the Tax Collector/Assessor's office.

Resale properties, as they are often called, are available for the amount of taxes due; however, in some rare cases a bid will be accepted for less than the amount of taxes, but usually not more than the assessed value.

Remember that, although Texas deeds have a 6 month right of redemption period for non agriculture and non homestead properties, the redemption period starts from the date of the original tax sale. Therefore, in most cases, the redemption period has expired and you are only purchasing a deed - not a deed with a right of redemption. Very few, if any, 2-yerar redemption properties (homestead or Ag properties) will be found on Texas struck off lists. 

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