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Arkansas Tax Deed Sales or Tax Foreclosure Sales are conducted throughout the year.

Arkansas Negotiated Sales of Tax Deeds

Tax-defaulted properties that are not purchased at a county’s annual tax deed sale will be available on the negotiated sales list 90 days after the sale. These properties may be purchased by mail or in person at the Commissioner of State Lands Office.

To purchase, you must submit a sealed bid. The first negotiated sales bid starts a 30-day process during which anyone else can submit a closed bid. The highest bidder wins, but the property owner still has 30 days to redeem. If the property owner redeems, the investor will be refunded his/her money, with no interest.

You may request a list of properties available for a specific county by writing to the Commissioner of State Lands or by calling the Real Estate Division at 501-324-9422. The cost is fifty cents ($.50) per page. You will be invoiced for the list when it is mailed to you.

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