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Tax Lien Certificates - Tax Deed Sales
in New Hampshire NH

New Hampshire does not have tax lien certificate sales.  Here is a summary of information for tax sales in New Hampshire.

Interest Rate  

No interest rate is paid to investors but the property owner must pay the county 18% interest to get the lien erased or risk losing the property to foreclosure by the county.

Redemption Period

A total of 5 years.

New Hampshire Tax Lien Auctions

Not conducted.

Nevada Tax Deed Sales

New Hampshire conducts tax deed sales.

Bidding Process             

All tax deed auctions are by competitive bid.

State-Specific Information

New Hampshire is an average tax sale state because information can be hard to find and municipalities handle the sales. Also, sales are infrequent and the property owner has many years to rectify the situation prior to foreclosure.    

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New Hampshire Tax Deed Auctions or Sales vary depending on the municipalities handling the sales.

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