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Tax Deed Sales In New Mexico NM

New Mexico is an ok state for tax deed sales

Interest Rate  

No interest rate, state only conducts tax deed sales

Redemption Period

Varies but 2 years is the period of time the former owner has the right to challenge the ruling in court

New Mexico tax lien certificate auctions

No tax lien auctions, only tax deeds are sold  

New Mexico tax deed sales

New Mexico tax foreclosure or land sales can be frequent but do not have to happen at a set time.  Some counties have sales 4 times per year.  Properties are usually offered when the numbers of delinquent tax payers gets large enough to justify a sale 

Bidding Process             

Bidding process varies among counties and municipalities but generally competitive bids are used with a beginning price that is approximately equal to the taxes owed.

State Specific Information

Each county sets the rules.  Be careful in New Mexico because unlike most tax sales in other states, mortgage liens may not removed by the tax sale. 

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New Mexico Tax Deed Sales or Tax Foreclosure Sales Dates Vary Depending on County Rules

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